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Prueba de Idiomas

Avatar de David

Respuesta Raúl

Creado por David , 14/06/2017 18:34 - Sin respuestas
Off. To show off. Comportarse de una determinada manera para captar la atención de otras personas. Estas personas normalmente encuentran ese comportamiento como molesto.
Avatar de raul garcia garcia


Creado por raul garcia garcia, 14/06/2017 18:20 - Sin respuestas
Hola buenas quería saber cuál es la solución de esta frase Sheldon loves showing__________ un front if her neighhours Of off in out
Avatar de David

Respuestas inglés 30 preguntas.

Creado por David , 14/06/2017 18:00 - Sin respuestas
1-C  2-A  3-C  4-C  5-D  6-B  7-B  8-B  9-B  10-D  11-B  12-C  13-C  14C  15-C  16-B  17-A  18-B  19-C  20-C  21-C  22-C  23-B  24-A  25-C  26-C  27-B  28-B  29-C  30-C
Avatar de DmZvR


Creado por DmZvR , 14/06/2017 14:25 - 1 respuesta
Buenas. Se hechaban en falta los test de ingles del compañero David. Muchas gracias por el aporte es de grandísima utilidad. ¿Las respuestas están por algún sitio? Por cierto, no se puede responder a un mensaje. Hay que abrir nuevo mensaje o igual es mi pc......
Avatar de DmZvR
Creado por DmZvR , 14/06/2017 14:28
Ese echaban es sin h.
Avatar de David


Creado por David , 13/06/2017 19:18 - Sin respuestas

1. I wish I______her mobile phone number.

a. know      b. have   known    c. knew   d. knows

2. My birthday is_____April.

a. in   b. on  c. at  d. over

3. I will pick you____ ____8 o’clock.

a. up/in    b. by/at  c. up/at     d. up/off

4. This afternoon, I ________my hair________.

A. have/ cut   b. has/cut   c. am having/cut   d. had/cut

5. If  I were you, I ____________to her.

a. will not talk  b. would not talked  c. be talking   d. would not talk

6. We haven’t got a car,_________?

a.  have you  b. have we  c. has he   d. haven’t we

7. If I won the lottery, I___________to Australia.

a. will go   b. would go  c. might has gone  d. go

8. You have to take______of your children.

A: on   b. care  c. over  d. happy

9- They focused their criticism______the government.

a.       by  b. on  c. at  d. for

10. ________do you see you family?

a. how often   b. when   c. what   d. a and b are correct

11. Would you mind________home?

a. drive me  b. driving me  c. to be driven me   c. drives me

12.  Does he like______chess?

a. play  b. plays  c. playing    d. be playing

13. Sara usually______at 8 o’clock.

a. wake up  b. waking up   c. wakes up   c. is waking up

14. When he got home, his mum___________the meal.

a. had already cook   b. has already cooked  c. had already cooked  d. had cooks

15. They arrived late _______leaving in plenty of time.

a. despite to   b. in spite   c. despite   d. Todas mal

16. Scofield________from prison.

a. breaks at    b. broke out   c. breaks on  d. Todas bien.

17. If she______taller, she would get the job.

a. was   b. be   c. is   d. Todas mal.

18. We are studying to make our dream_______.

a. came true    b. to come true   c. coming true    b. come true.

19. ________you go on holiday last summer?

a. where do    b. when do   c. where did   d. why do

20. I will______my car______in September.

a. having/paint   b. have/painting   c. have/painted   d. have/paint

21._______didn’t you go to the party? Because I felt a little bit_____the weather.

a. why/of   b. when/under   c. why/under   d. which/for

22. The attack was________by a terrorist.

a. was carry on   b. was over   c. was carried out   d. is carrying

23. Nadal becomes the first tennis player ever_______the same Grand Slam ten times.

a. of winning   b. to win   c. won   d. to have winnning

24. I don’t speak German buy my girlfriend………..

a. does   b. do   c. doing   d.  Todas mal

25. Messi is the best. I________you, David.

a. agree on   b. am agree on   c. agree with   d. am agree with

26. What time_________the plane tomorrow?

a. is Ana take      b. Ana is taking   c. Is Ana taking     d. is Ana took

27. She is__________

a. helpful girl     b. a girl helpful   c. a helpful girl   d. a helped girl.

28. The plane has just……..

a. taken of   b. taken off  c. taking of   d. took off

29. If you don’t know the meaning of a word, you can …………in a dictionary

a. look up it   b. looks it up   c. look it up   d. looking it up

30. It was warm,so I ………my jacket.

a. take off   b. taking off   c. took off   d. took of

Avatar de David

Recta final. Lengua inglesa

Creado por David , 04/06/2017 14:42 - 12 respuestas

1._________scores the most goals wins the match.

A. Why   b. whoever    c. when   d. which

2. Natalia goes to work______foot.

a. by  b. over  c. on  d. in

3. I wish it_______stop snowing.

a. hasn’t    b. would      c. have  d. be

4. When did you_____your hair_____?

a. has/cut  b. having/cut  c. have/cut     d. have/ cuts

5. Ana said that______the homework.

a. her was  b. she was doing c. was she  d. are doing

6. Inma met David 8 years___   _____Alicante.

a. since/ in  b. ago/in   c. on/in   d. ago/on

7. Ricardo______ride his bike quite often, but he doesn’t do it very often now.

a. use to   b. used on  c. used to   d.  used in

8. If I knew her phone number, I_________her.

a. will call   b. would call  c. would have call  d.would calling

9. _________is important nowadays.

a. Technology   b. The technology   c. A technology  

10. I____________to stay with them in London.

a. am invite    b. was invited  c. are invited  d. being invited

11- If I had had the money, I______________a new flat in Valencia.

a.       Would have buy   b. will have bought   c. would have bought  d. would buying

12. The thief is____________detained.

a. said to have being    b.  said to have been  c. say to have been   d. said to has been

13. If you study hard, you ____________  the state exam.

a.         Will pass   b. would pass   c. would have passed    d. might have passed.

14. Have you done the homework……….?

a.  Yet    b. since   c. already   d. ago

15. If I were you, I__________go with them to the disco.

a. will not  b.  won’t   c. would not   d. would had

16.  That is the man_____wife_______to prison.

a.       Whose/ is send   b. whose/ was sent   c. whose/was send   d. who/ is sent

17.  I have failed the English exam. He said

a.       He said that he has failed the English exam

b.      He said that he had failed the English exam

c.       He said that he had fail the English exam.

d.      He said that he failing the English exam

18.  The movie was quite good,______it?

a.       Was it  b. was   c. wasn’t   d. is

Avatar de Cunap´s TT
Creado por Cunap´s TT, 06/06/2017 15:45
Me subes el ánimo, gracias.
Avatar de David
Creado por David , 05/06/2017 21:30
Hola. Estas preguntas son parecidas a examen oficial. Nivel parecido, verás. 
Avatar de Cunap´s TT
Creado por Cunap´s TT, 05/06/2017 17:35
¡Hola! ¿Es parecido este nivel respecto al examen? Gracias.


¿Se debería eliminar el baremo de las oposiciones a la Guardia Civil y decidan solo las notas de las pruebas?

¿Se debería eliminar el baremo de las oposiciones a la Guardia Civil y decidan solo las notas de las pruebas?